Intuitive Languages Blueprint

Based on the international best-selling book, INTUITIVE LANGUAGES, Nicole and the Tri Luminii guide you through the process of identifying and implementing your personal Intuitive Language to live a life with more ease and flow.

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Have you ever experienced a coincidence or a synchronicity?


...If so, Spirit was sending you guidance…


...But, if you didn’t know the language, you might have missed the message…


...Or doubted that what you received was “real…”

Never miss a message again!

You Can Trust Your Intuitive Guidance, Once You Recognize & Understand It!

Develop your Intuitive Language Blueprint and start to:

  • Recognize the "signs" immediately.
  • Decipher between your intellect and your intuition.
  • Have access to more guidance and optimal solutions to the challenges you face.
  • Feel like a complete human, as you embrace the intuitive part of yourself, you knew was there all along.
  • Flow with life.

Yes, You Really Are an Intuitive!

In Intuitive Languages Blueprint, you’ll learn how to finally understand how you receive messages from the Universe. As you gain clarity and build your intuitive trust, Universal wisdom flows—and messages come continuously. What once felt like random non-relevant events transform into signposts of guidance along your life’s journey.


The Tri Luminii deliver your Intuitive Language blueprint in a simple, relatable, and fun process. They encourage you to stretch your perception with playful curiosity to deepen your connection to spiritual guidance. And, just like learning a new language, the more you practice, the more you lean into received guidance with trust, ease, and joy—transforming your life from that of striving to one of flowing. 


Hi, I'm Nicole Meltzer.

I'm on a mission to normalize and legitimize intuition as part of the human experience. Like, the nervous system or cardiovascular system, the intuitive system is a natural part of being human.

Just like you, I kept my intuitive self hidden. When the guidance I received wasn't logical, I dismissed it as not possible. When it fit logically, I figured it was common sense or my intellect speaking. I was a practical intellect and that didn't fit the picture of an intuitive!

Then, one day, after many consecutive synchronicities, I couldn't deny it any longer and I began slowly uncovering the layers of my intuitive self. I began with meditating and healing practices. Then I began to trance channel. The beautiful group of energies I trance channel are the Tri Luminii. You can read about our story in the book we wrote together, Intuitive Languages. 

I would love for you to experience the freedom that comes from tapping into your Intuitive Language.  

Join the Tri Luminii and I in the next round of the Intuitive Languages Blueprint!

Here is a look at our 3 months together...


Preparing to Receive


Any strong building has a solid foundation. The foundation of Intuitive Languages is built on the preparation to receive. You'll learn:

  • What are Intuitive Languages
  • How your relationship to the environment is the first step of preparation
  • How your relationship to Unconditional Love is the second step in preparation

Receiving and Building

Once the preparation is complete, you're ready to begin receiving and building your Intuitive Language. 


Putting Your Intuitive Language Into Practice


This month is filled with fun and practical exercises. As you become more comfortable with your Intuitive Language, you will begin to stretch into becoming multilingual.

The lessons are delivered weekly. You can learn at your own pace.

Each month we will gather in a live class via zoom (it will be recorded, if you can't join live), for a Q&A with Nicole and the Tri Luminii.

In our final month together, we will have a live meditation circle, where Nicole will help you translate your messages. 

You will have lifetime access to the course, and to the Q&A sessions. This means, each time a cohort is running, you can join in and continue to expand your Intuitive Languages.



Intuitive Languages Blueprint

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"A fascinating journey into understanding and activating your intuition."

Cheri D. Andrews, Esq. - Author of Smooth Sailing – A Practical Guide to Legally Protecting Your Business

"A must for anyone interested in living intuitively, from the person who identifies as highly intuitive to the person just beginning to explore the concept of intuition."

Becca Weinstein - Intuitive Visionary & Artist | InnerFire Visioning for Empowered Alignment

"In an increasingly divided and disconnected world, Intuitive Languages is salve for the soul. The focus on our interconnectedness, not only to each other, but also to Source, is profoundly calming and grounding."

Nicolette Blanco - Author of By a Thread: Resilience Strategies for the Partially Unraveled