The Power of Boredom

intuition law of attraction patterns stories Jan 18, 2019

We have a periodic practice in our family of detoxing from technology. No computers. No phones. No tv. No video games.  Yesterday, we decided it was time for a detox again. So, when our boys came home from school we turned off the tech!

It always starts out well.  We read in front of the fireplace. We play board games. Maybe journal or sketch. Inevitably, a time comes when the boys exclaim, "We're booooorrrrreeeeddddd".  

That's the magical time.

After a few grumbles, their imaginations begin to create. I love watching this process. Last night's creation was drawing out pages to create a stop-motion story. (They'll film it today) They had so much fun coming up with the storyline and drawing each scene out. 

As I sat with them, I remembered a game I played when I was their age. I would pick three random objects around me and think up a story that ties them together. For example, a tape (it was the 80s!), a shoe and a teddy bear. My story would begin with the teddy bear preparing for a party where she'll wear her new shoes. 

Little did I know at the time, I was training my mind for what would become my future career! If you're not familiar with my process, my secret sauce is in being able to find the thread that weaves throughout your life to link up, what seems like random experiences, and identify what's been holding you back from upleveling, or identifying your unique intuitive language, or see the messages the Universe has been sending you.  

Our minds love stories. We learn best through them. It makes sense that the Universe, or your higher self, or whatever you believe is guiding you through life, would want to communicate with you and teach you through stories. Finding the pattern is fun for me, and now I remember why. It all started as a game I played when I was bored!

In that moment of remembering, I looked at my boys and thought about the beautiful story that was unfolding in front of me. Earlier in the day I had asked for a message from the Universe about next steps on a specific project I'm working on. Here was the message, right in front of me.

Play. Imagine. Create. Remember.

How do you entertain yourself when you're bored? Can you link it to the special gift you bring to the world? 

I'm sending you lots of creative, playful energy, and of course love!

Nicole xo

ps If you would like help in identifying the patterns in your life, consider booking a Clarity and Clearing session today.


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