I think it. I feel it. I am it.

relationships Jan 10, 2018

I was just hit with an epiphany.  And I’m buzzing! I want to share it with you.

Have you read something or come across an idea that isn’t new? You know you’ve read or heard it before. But it just seems to all click. Finally.

 My husband, and business partner, just sent his clients a series of inspirational emails on a totally new way to approach goal setting. I was helping him to edit and get it out to his tribe.  

The first time I read it, I was floored. Yes! This all makes sense! He’s brilliant. How did I not see that before? My mind is blown.

Then, once each email went out, I also received it in my inbox and opened it with fresh eyes, as  someone who is not his partner in life and business, but just as my own person.  

I felt it. 

Oooh, the words felt good. I really let myself feel deeply into it.  How did I miss this yummy feeling when I read the same email a dozen times before?  Well, now, I’ve really got it.  And this is blowing my heart wide open.

Today, while we were eating lunch, I expressed my frustration with myself for holding back on a specific goal I set in September.  Looking for some insight, I asked him about how he put together the goal setting emails. They were so inspired and seemed to flow so easily for him. And as he was explaining how the ideas and words came to him, he mentioned one piece of the message that I had specifically resonated with. 

The one that blew my mind and my heart wide open. 

And as he spoke it, it was like the key that was already in the lock and had already started to turn, clicked and now the lock was open. I could even hear the clunking of the metal mechanism. It was that clear.

And the transformation, in body mind and spirit, was complete.

I understood the message. I felt the message. I became the message.

Have you ever had this experience? You know something to be true. Then you start to feel it in your body. But it isn’t until you fully become it, that the transformation takes place. I would love to hear your story!  How did it change you?

I can’t not be this anymore. And I’m so excited to see where this leads me.

All my love,

Nicole xo


photo credit: Cristina Gottardi 


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