Following the Breadcrumbs

law of attraction Jan 11, 2019

I shared this graphic on our social media pages recently and received a great question about one of the steps. I thought the answer might help you as well. 

K.J. wrote to me: "I loved your Recipe for Manifesting but had a question about it. What's an intuitive breadcrumb?"

Great question! 

I first heard the term "intuitive breadcrumb" when I started listening to Esther Hicks channeling the collective energy named Abraham. The idea of the breadcrumb is that the Universe provides the path to manifestation, one step (breadcrumb) at a time. You just need to follow the breadcrumbs to complete the path.

Let me give you an example.

Let's say you intend to manifest a new friendship this year. One that will be uplifting, supportive and with someone who enjoys all of the same eclectic things you enjoy. You've never met someone who shares all of these interests in common, so a part of you is curious as to how this will play out!

You followed the recipe of manifesting, and now find yourself at step 3. You hear about an event happening at your local bookstore. One of your favourite authors will be there to read from her latest book and lead a discussion on the topic afterwards.  (Breadcrumb #1)  

When you arrive at the bookstore, there are 3 seats left. You scan each one and the one on the right seems different than the other two. It seems brighter or more welcoming. You decide to sit there. (Breadcrumb #2)

The author asks everyone to pair up for a quick exercise. You're sitting in between two people. You begin to notice that the left side of your body is feeling warmer than the right. You decide to turn to the person on the left and ask them to partner with you. (Breadcrumb #3)

During your quick introductions, they mention 3 out of your 5 top interests! You decide you're going to ask them if they would like to join you for a tea after the event is over; thinking about how you can bring up the other two interests. ;)  They enthusiastically say yes and, what will turn out to be a lifelong friendship, begins!

It's that simple. Truly.

Just follow the breadcrumbs!

If you're interested in learning more about using your intuition for manifesting, consider joining us in Flow.  I'd love to have you there. 

Nicole xo


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