Embracing the Darkness

Sep 22, 2018

So many people are afraid of darkness. Darkness in it’s varied forms can trigger different emotions. 

Maybe it’s literally the darkness. Being in places where you can’t see what’s in your surroundings. 

Maybe it’s dark emotions. Emotions like sadness that carry you deep inside yourself. 

Maybe it’s the sensations you associate with darkness. What temperatures, sounds and tastes come with darkness? And how do those feel for you?

Years ago I was in a spiritual class where we were talking about different traditions around the globe and their relationship with darkness. With the Abrahamic traditions, the beginning of existence is implied to be dark because the first thing God creates is light.  In the Tibetan Book of the Dead, the soul in transition is encouraged to follow the dark path because it leads to Nirvana. The light leads to reincarnation.  If darkness is where we find Creator or Source energy, why do we fear it?

Perhaps it’s our own creation we fear. With so many distractions in our daily lives, when was the last time you sat in silence, in the darkness? 

In the northern hemisphere we are about to journey into the darkness. The day after the Equinox our days become shorter and nights longer. I encourage you to welcome the darkness and see what it offers you. It’s a powerful time to begin or intensify a mediation practice.

On October 2nd I’ll be hosting a masterclass: Meditating with the Moon. I’ll take you through a guided meditation and help you to decipher the hidden messages and guidance you are receiving. 

Do you follow us on Facebook? Keep watching on our page! I’ll be posting a link to register for this free masterclass soon!

Happy Equinox! 


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