Have you ever felt that your life ought to be better than it is? Do you ever feel stuck? In your:

  • Relationships
  • Business
  • Health
  • Finances

You work hard to change outcomes, but it feels as though there's a huge barricade between you and everything you want.

You're not alone.

It means that you're operating in your Comfort Zone. To make shifts, you have to go beyond the barricade. All it takes is ONE step beyond it to transform your life.

Maybe you've tried before, but it didn't work for you. Fear set in and you retreated. Again, that's common. Why? Because your unconscious mind wants to keep you safe. The thing is, it works from a pattern that was set a long time ago. When you were younger. When you didn't fully understand everything that was happening to you and around you. This is when your comfort zone was first developed.

And so, you feel stuck.  Because you're not the same person you were when you needed that comfort. You've outgrown it.


If you cross past the barricade, you're moving into the scary unknown. Where the magic happens.

If you're ready to move beyond your Comfort Zone, scale the barricade (or, better yet, blow the barricade to smithereens), this program is for you.


Maybe you're thinking, "It's too difficult and it will take too long." (Hello, unconscious mind!)

The truth is it's EASY and FAST. 

All you need is the right guide who can help you recognize the repeating patterns in your life - then work with you to get beyond the barricade to the life you've always wanted!

Welcome to Ignite U

Ignite U is a 5-week program where you will start seeing results immediately.

During this focused program, you'll learn how to let go of the patterns of thought and actions (and inactions!) that have held you back from achieving your dreams, and replace them with healthier, more empowering patterns using:

  • Clarity
  • Clearing
  • Community


Did you know that your life speaks to you in metaphor?

During our private one-to-one session, you identify the pattern of what's been holding you back.

Weekly journal prompts will help you get clear on how these patterns have affected your life and provide clarity on what different actions you need to take moving forward, once the path is clear.


You want to become unstuck right away, right?

During our private session, once the pattern has been identified, we'll clear it! Immediately. No waiting. No more reliving the same lessons. Poof. Gone.

In the group sessions, I'll teach you some powerful techniques to use whenever the next barricade appears.


A rising tide lifts all boats and each member of our group will experience this!

In the age of social media, I know it can feel pretty damn lonely when you're feeling stuck and frustrated that you're not achieving your goals.

Our community will be that safe place to talk out the "stuff" that comes up. Most importantly, it is a place to be uplifted. 


Here's what you will receive...

  • 60 minute private Clarity and Clearing session via Zoom During this session we'll identify the pattern, clear it and replace it with a new, healthier pattern
  • Weekly journalling prompts to help you become more aware of the various patterns in your life (those that serve you and those that don't), and create an action plan to move forward
  • Three group sessions
  • Private Facebook group to connect with other members, be uplifted and uplift others

Most importantly, you will eliminate the pattern holding you back, and transform your life forever!

Who will you become after you Ignite U

Let's find out - together.

"An issue with a challenging client and an old issue stemming from childhood had been reopened, both of which were unwittingly causing me to feel completely stuck. This was affecting me in the day to day operation of my business and personally causing me to overthink; knocking my confidence, causing financial limitations and an overall feeling of being unable to move forward in any way, let alone positively. I had a session with Nicole and inside of 30 minutes she was able get to the root cause of the problem. She asked me all the right questions and challenged me when needed in order to uncover the answers I needed that would move me forward. Nicole managed to do this completely intuitively and with me feeling understood and in a safe space at all times. Since my call with Nicole, I have been able to let go, completely, on the initial challenges, which has meant more head space for the important things in my life and complete concentration on my business. I am now working from a position of positivity, rather than fear and lack. Thanks Nicole!"

Birmingham, UK

"For about a year I was struggling with this inner resistance, especially around food. I would talk about getting healthy and losing weight, but I kept on making bad food choices. I felt almost compelled to say eat like crap. And when I thought about it, I could imagine this little girl version of me giving me the finger saying "Watch me" and then working my way through the pantry. I talked about it incessantly with friends; I started therapy; and I tried to follow various diets. But that little girl grew stronger and I did not understand why. Until I talked with Nicole. In less than an hour, we had identified why the young me had showed up and what she was protecting. Nicole gave me some homework and in a few days time, poof the resistance was gone. I feel like I am in control again. Following a food plan and wanting to exercise for the first time in many months."

Philadelphia, USA

"We had become very comfortable in our daily routine. At some point the spark dimmed and neither one of us was feeling loved by the other. In our work with Nicole we realized we were playing an archetypal broken record for years! After some forgiveness work and shifting of our mindsets, we ignited that flame once again!"

Tom and Melanie
Toronto, Canada

"Nicole exudes compassion and holds a safe space for me to become myself. Her intuitive guidance in our sessions has led me to exactly where I need to take the next steps in my healing. I’m ecstatic to share that I have found my soulmate! I wouldn’t have been able to accept his love if I had not done the work with Nicole first! "

Richmond Hill, Canada

There's an option for everyone. Which one will you choose?

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60-minute Private Clarity & Clearing Session via Zoom

Weekly journalling prompts

3 Group Coaching Sessions

Access to Private Facebook group

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60-minute Private Clarity & Clearing Session via Zoom

Weekly journalling prompts

3 Group Coaching Sessions

Access to Private Facebook group

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60-minute Private Clarity & Clearing Session via Zoom

Weekly journalling prompts

3 Group Coaching Sessions

Access to Private Facebook group


Distance Healing Session with Intuitive Messages

1 Extra Private Coaching Session at the End of the Program

I want the VIP treatment!

We Ignite U March 19, 2018!

This program is designed to best serve a small, intimate group. Once our maximum participants are registered, we'll close registration. Join us!










I'm Nicole Meltzer, the founder & director of BalancedU. I've been helping people go beyond their comfort zones in their lives for almost two decades now. Over the years I've come to realize that our body, mind and spirit speak to us in metaphors. I get so excited when I find the pattern in someone's life and help them understand the story their life has been showing them.

I've had the privilege of witnessing fantastic transformations that have brought me to tears at times! Just like those people, I know you have dreams. I know there are things you really want to accomplish. And I want you to know that you CAN achieve them. You just need to clear the pattern of thoughts and feelings that have been holding you back.

Ignite U is designed to be a small, intimate group of people who want bigger things for themselves. People who are willing to commit to their transformation. People, like you, who know there has to be a way to get to the top of that mountain!  I'll get you there.

I'll see you on March 19th!

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